Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Website Repair by Freelancers who are willing to Repair your Website for only $5

Website Repair Offered by Freelancers at SiteMop

Repair my website with the help of freelancers from SiteMop
Whether you are a website owner or an experienced webmaster, fixing css issues or repairing a clients website because of a web browser update can be a hassle.  The good news is that there is a new website that employs freelancers from all over the world who will repair your website for only five dollars.  Some website repairs can take hours of tedious work, why waste all that time when you can just hire someone really cheap to do it for you.

Some of the common types of website repairs that are offered at SiteMop:

  • CSS Issues
  • HTML repairs
  • Javascript repairs
  • PHP/MySQL repairs
  • Moving an Image
  • Changing a background color
  • Changing the width of your template/theme
  • Customizing the logo position
  • Adding Shopping Cart Buttons
  • Adding or Removing Footer or Menu Links
  • Changing Menu color
  • Adding a column or removing a column from your theme or template
  • and more...
Sitemop is being considered by hundreds of website owners to be the "go-to" resource for website repairs.  Focus on running your business and let the experts who can have your website issues fixed in no time work on your website, that's what they are there for and for starting at only five bucks, how can you say no.  You can browse some of the website repair services offered here: http://sitemop.com/categories/website-repair .

Video on Do-It-Yourself Website Repair

Below is a video from one of the developers at SiteMop demonstrating a quick way to repair your website on your own in the event you can't find any freelancers on SiteMop that interest you. 

Other website like Fiverr offer similar services, but not only do they take 20% of the programmers earnings which highly demotivates the programmer, but their website has a virus, so it's not safe to shop (View the screenshot below):
An example of good provider for repairing websites is topmarketer user at SiteMop http://sitemop.com/website-repair/20/help-with-your-website-repair

So if you need a good freelancers to help you out and repair your website at a really cheap price then consider going to SiteMop's website repair services section. 

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